Welcome! I am a children’s author as well as a biomedical engineer, a scientist, a mom, and a believer in the power of imaginative questions (a.k.a. the what ifs).

Pondering the what ifs makes me feel like the child who believes she can fly, who believes dreams are real, or who believes magical inspiration can come from ladybugs ... my mind abounds with endless possibilities, both real and fantastical.

My blog,"What If" Muse Muse, explores questions that I have pondered in my own youth and that my children have asked me over the years. I also post about my writing style and amusing comments my children say that make me laugh. (updated most Mondays)

My blog, Spotting Ladybugs, is a photo collection of ladybugs, insects, flowers, and other critters my children and I spot while out exploring our neighborhood. (updated as a spotting occurs)

I also post dinner ideas with links to some of our favorite recipes at my Dinner Ideas & Recipes blog. As a busy mother of three, I have learned to plan well in advance so our dinner menus are scheduled by the month. (updated monthly, if time allows)

Thank you for stopping by my site and letting me share my thoughts with you!
- Michelle
When is “reading” good reading?
As an avid reader and writer, I encourage my girls to read lots of books. When they were younger and couldn’t read anything, they enjoyed pretending to read or playing with the ...
PUBLISHED: The 14th Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition Collection (www.writersdigestshop.com/14th-annual-writers-digest-short-short-story-competition-collection).
See chapter 16 for Magnolia Fall
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